You are in a highly regulated industry managing capital and liquidity, leveraging new technologies, improving processes, and meeting significant regulatory requirements.

Executives and audit committees rely on our independent and objective consulting services.

Union has the required skills set to deal with banking industry.


The construction is a complex industry and identifying the revenue and cost over a period of construction is not easy. We understand what it takes to manage it and reduce costs and improve profitability in a fiercely competitive market.


With a proactive approach to your needs, you can depend on our industry specialists to identify and capitalize on opportunities related to structuring, financing alternatives, and balance sheet planning.



In an increasingly competitive retail environment, we provide businesses with industry-focused accounting and advisory services, helping to prepare you for success. Our dedicated professionals bring diverse skills and a vast array of industry insights to their work.


We consolidate our specialization across a variety of retail sectors, including grocery and convenience stores, supermarkets, auto spare parts, hospitality, restaurants, franchisers, franchisees, personal services, apparel, jewellery and specialty stores.


Working together to tackle challenges such as tough competition, tight profit margins, and staffing & scheduling difficulties, we help our retail clients plan and act decisively. Whatever your challenges, we can help you address them and set a path for success.


Dubai is a hub for trading of various kinds of products for personal as well as commercial use catering to the growing UAE market which is booming on the wings of increased tourism and hospitality industry.


Our wholesale team offers a holistic approach that includes a 360 degree perspective by way of bringing exporters (sellers) and importers (buyers) together to create and build a market niche for the wholesaler.


In addition to offering the book-keeping, accounting and internal audit services we also help with arranging bank financing for growth and expansion for the wholesale traders.

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We understand the ever-changing health care industry and offer solutions to help minimize your risk. The issues faced by health care organizations – including managing shrinking reimbursements, and financing capital needs – mean you need advisors who understand these concerns and have the expertise to help you tackle them.


Our team will help you navigate these challenges and provide you with actionable ideas to address them. Whether you are in medical or dental practice, clinic, hospital, health system, or senior living provider.


You will benefit from our proactive and customized approach to your financial, operational, and business issues. Working with our health care team will provide you with valuable ideas and strategic insights that can enhance your organization’s effectiveness.

Real Estate

The real estate industry of the UAE is booming again and we being here in the UAE for more than 3 decades understand this cyclical industry as we have witnessed both the boom and the bust of this industry as this has been one of the major sectors in the region.


We understand what it takes to maintain a high quality asset portfolio, minimize construction costs and reduce operating expenses and source debt and equity for new projects.


Receiving holistic insight and straightforward advice from a distinctive cross-section of industry professionals as well as specialists in real estate transactions, public and private financing, and property development are surely advantageous for the business. We are experienced in working with commercial and residential developers, owners, and investors to manage debt and leverage assets.

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Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturing and the movement of products is the backbone of any country.

Our understanding of the process and the industries you serve is what separates us from our peers.


Our manufacturing and distribution experience is enhanced by our deep industry knowledge. We understand the manufacturing process and the integral function you offer within the industry you serve.


After the product is made, the moving of that product is important. Distributors hold inventory for varying lengths of time and finance costs impact profits. Understanding the different nuances of the wholesale business is imperative in working with distributors including management of the trade receivables.